Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are dedicated to helping you discover who you are, and along that path to grow beyond symptoms, unnecessary emotional pain, and obstacles to work and love.

Sometimes the path is short, sometimes long, and sometimes in between. In our sessions, you have a unique freedom to talk, more so than in any other relationship. Such freedom to talk leads to greater freedom of thought. In turn this leads to freedom from symptoms, and freedom to grow and develop your life, perhaps discovering new wishes that you didn’t know you had.

My experience is that dreams are an essential part of one’s self, and so we emphasize dreams. Some people recall their dreams, others do not. What I’ve found is that if you don’t have some access to your dreams to begin with, as we go along, eventually you will, and they will help in the process of self-discovery.

Although therapy and analysis have blossomed in the last hundred years, forms of psychotherapy existed in ancient Greece (including the use of the couch). And for centuries psychological healing has been practiced in traditional cultures throughout the world, sometimes in the context of ritual or dance.

What will therapy do for me? What we can accomplish in therapy depends on the fit or match between us. It’s a complicated matter of mutual understanding and comfort. I’ve found that it usually takes a few sessions, sometimes several, to know if it’s going to work, and also for us to formulate agreement on what is to be accomplished and how.  In order for us to work together collaboratively, you will need to know some things about me, and my practice is to tell you about whatever is essential.

How long does it take? It depends. I have worked with people anywhere from once a week for a few months,  to three to four times a week for some years. Sometimes difficulties can be worked out to your satisfaction with once a week therapy for a few months. Or your agenda may be full enough that you will want and need to meet twice a week for a longer time.

A word about confidentiality: For therapy or analysis to accomplish what you need, there has to be privacy and confidentiality. I maintain extraordinary confidentiality about our communications and do not disclose anything without your authorization. This includes even the fact of whether or not you have met with me. The sole exception to this policy would be if someone’s life or health were in serious danger.

Work with Psychological Trauma

As part of   my work in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, I treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ) for persons who have experienced all kinds of traumatic events at different stages of life, in the family, the community, or abroad. Read more…

Evaluation and Testimony

In legal cases involving trauma, I can serve as an expert witness and evaluator. Read more…