Evaluations and Testimony

I serve as an expert witness and evaluator for persons in legal cases involving trauma, in particular Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This includes both civil and criminal cases where the presence or absence of PTSD is at issue, and also where the influence of PTSD, or lack of it, on criminal offenses, is the question.

I have consulted on trauma in war veterans, victims of torture, journalists and photographers, SWAT Teams, persons exposed to workplace events or sexual harassment, victims of the North Sea Piper Alpha oil rig disaster and of train crashes, persons exonerated after long incarceration for false convictions, and cases involving homicide and kidnapping.

Court testimony has been furnished in the UK in a class action suit by British veterans of the Falklands War, and in Federal Court for the Northern District of California regarding a suit by U.S. veterans with PTSD in pursuit of treatment. My writing on unconscious flashbacks has been widely quoted, and was used by a judge in a court of appeals in the U.K. in reversing a conviction for assault, in that the offense had occurred while the defendant was in a dissociated state.