What is a blog?

If you are new to blogging, here is an introduction.

A blog (or “web log” for short) is simply an organized way to add new content to your site. A blog can be anything you want. It could be  insights about your profession, interesting case studies, reviews on books or services your clients might find interesting, or it could be more personal, and about your particular life story, how you came to do what you do and why you love doing it.

Blogging—or more simply put, writing—on a regular basis, is a great way to think more deeply about what your offer your clients. It leads to being able to communicate  more effectively. By blogging regularly (once a week is recommended)  is a great way to give your visitors are reason to return to your site and increases your chances of being picked up in a web search.

To add a new blog, log into your WordPress admin and click on Posts, and then Add New. Write a title for you post and enter the text below. After you are done, click Publish. Your blog entry is automatically updated and appears on the blog page. If you blog often you may want to add Categories to each post so it can be filed and found more easily.

You could change the name of your blog to “News” or “Articles” or “insights” if it is more appropriate. In the WordPress Admin, click on Pages on the left menu bar and change the title there.